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Start Up Stories

Interview with Marie O’Sullivan

Click here to watch a video of my interview with Marie O’Sullivan who recently set up her new business providing training and social media support to other small businesses.

We discuss a few of the challenges and questions which arose for Marie over the last few months, including:

(time markers in brackets to help you locate the section which interests you!)

  • How do I create a sales invoice? (4.00)
  • Should I register for VAT? (7.10)
  • How do I stay on top of invoicing? How do I avoid payment delays? (9.14)
  • Be aware of payment platform fees! (17.55)
  • What expenses can I claim to reduce my Income Tax liability? (20.55)
  • Can I claim for a home office? (24.00)

Follow my blogs in the coming weeks as I dig deeper into the topics mentioned above & many others!

If you are currently struggling with the many decisions facing you as a new small business owner, maybe I can be of help. Please feel free to get in touch for an introductory chat!